Case Study

Medicating Normal

Client: Periscope Moving Pictures
Documentary feature film marketing campaign

With Medicating Normal, an investigative documentary examining the adverse effects of the overprescription of psychiatric medication in the US, our objectives were:

Develop a social media marketing strategy to:
a) drive sales of the film on Prime Video
b) promote linear PBS broadcasts to local viewers across 15 states
c) generate engagement on social media
Produce over 150 pieces of video content for commercial and social media use.
Copywriting and posting the produced video content across all media platforms, in the form of paid adverts and organic posts.
Monitoring and interpreting data from Meta Business Suite and Google ads, compiling statistics to report to client and to be used to inform subsequent content strategy.
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Over the course of 8 months, we executed 16 marketing/video content campaigns, producing trailers and original content targeting diverse audiences across the U.S., the U.K., Germany.

15 Second Trailer

Best suited for paid campaigns and social media posts, the 15 second trailer was used extensively across various campaigns; from organic posts to paid runs targeting local PBS broadcast districts. 

We created over 120 of these, each targeting different PBS districts, with three aspect ratio formats for each to ensure the trailer looked its best no matter which screen audiences viewed it on.

30 Second Trailer

An extended dive into the story and characters, yet still short enough to attract large numbers of viewers, a 30 second trailer works to reduce audience fatigue from the 15 second trailer – keeping fans engaged whilst also acquiring new viewers altogether. 

60 Second Trailer

Much more traditional in length, we created a 60 trailer to act as their streaming platform trailer; enticing audiences who have reached the page to purchase a copy of the film.

Throughout May 2022 we ran a totally organic campaign across Medicating Normal’s channels, coinciding with Mental Health Awareness Month – a time that typically sees increased prescriptions of harmful psychiatric drugs. We created over 31 assets – one for each day of May – designed to inform and drive audience engagement.

Mental Health Awareness Month

As we continuously made use of analytical tools, we were able to provide a cohesive marketing profile for the client, adjusting the content we produced to better achieve the campaign goals. 

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