Raising Kids With Hidden Disabilities: Getting It

Client: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
2D Animated Explainer/Promo

Featuring an abundance of textures and colours, we had a lot of fun making this piece; channeling our inner toddler to design everything from the perspective of a child.

Developing and leaning into a specific art style is the secret to achieving truly engaging animation; it immediately captivates audiences by presenting itself in a purposefully unique way, standing out in the stormy seas of content constantly jostling for attention.

Using the sunflower – adopted as a discreet sign when worn that the wearer has a hidden disability – as a recurring motif throughout, we wanted to create a sense of comfort and acceptance. 

To keep viewers engaged, we wanted to create a seamless viewing experience – and so we designed the video to avoid featuring any hard cuts, instead opting to transition from one scene to the next by simply animating the elements in and out.

We made full use of texture to further build on the idea of a ‘child illustrated world’ – using slightly-too-thick-brush-strokes and a reduced frame rate to make things feel rustic. 

Raising Kids With Hidden Disabilities: Getting It

Animated Explainer/Promo

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